The Church
The Bible is clear that we will all face Jesus at judgement. For those who chose to trust Him there is an eternal reward, a new heaven and new earth where Jesus dwells with the faithful from all generations. For those who reject Him there is eternal punishment apart from Jesus, where there is torment, darkness, and no escape. It is because of these realities we are commanded to, “GO!” We are to tell everyone of the greatest news to ever be heard – anyone, everyone, can be right with God. That is our message, it was the message of the apostles….it was the message from God that became flesh, Jesus.
Fruits of the Spirit
Scripture teaches that those who are born again are called the Church. They are to model their lives after Jesus Christ. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control are to be nurtured and seen in the Church. 
We are called to live as God sees us, holy, pure and righteous. We do this by letting His Spirit influence our daily lives. Scripture calls us to separate from this world and run toward God. Faith living is living submitted to the Lord, His Word, letting Him guide our every step.
The Bible recorded the early church miracles, prophecy, speaking in other languages, healings, and much more. There is no recorded end to these gifts, and should be demonstrated in the modern church.
Because of God’s lavish love we express ourselves vibrantly in worship. Worship goes beyond our weekly gatherings but bleeds over into all areas of life. God created us for His pleasure, so we carefully determine what would please Him in our lives.